XenTech launches a new line of PDX models: the MATCH-R project

Tackling acquired resistance to last generation targeted therapies


Development of 75 PDX models from patients with acquired resistance to targeted drugs

A preclinical platform to identify resistance mechanisms and develop new therapeutic strategies


Background: Patients whose tumor harbor specific driver molecular alterations benefit from targeted therapies. These molecules have a good efficacy profile but patients’ responses are generally short-lived due to the emergence of adaptive/secondary resistance. Disposing of clinically relevant models to identify the resistance mechanisms at play and perform preclinical POC studies is critical to develop new therapeutic strategies translating into increased patient survival.


Outline: The MATCH-R trial led by Gustave Roussy will enroll 600 patients treated with targeted therapies between 2015 and 2020. A biopsy from a progressing tumor lesion is performed in patients having developped resistance following initial response. RNAseq and exome sequencing data will be compared between the initial biopsy performed prior to treatment and the biopsy at progression. Biopsies obtained from 300 patients at resistance will be used to generate PDX models that will be propagated in mice under therapy to confirm drug resistance and molecularly profiled.


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