June 23-24, 2014 | Paris, France | WIN Symposium


    XenTech to present new pediatric liver cancer models at WIN 2014



Dr. Stefano Cairo, a leading scientist with biotech and contract research organisation XenTech, will be presenting details on pioneering new preclinical Pediatric Liver Cancer models at this month’s WIN 2014 Symposium in Paris.


Dr. Cairo and his team at XenTech developed the first panel of patient-derived tumor xenograft (PDX) models representing rare pediatric liver cancers after several years’ research.


The models are now ready for therapeutic screening and preclinical trials based on in vivo drug efficacy assays and biomarker discovery.


“I look forward to discussing potential use of what we believe will be an Innovative and versatile tool contributing to improved understanding of pediatric tumors with peers at WIN 2014,” said Dr. Cairo.