Biomarker Discovery



XenTech’s PDX platform is an outstanding tool for cancer biomarker discovery.


Large tumor panels recapitulate the biological heterogeneity of patient populations, a key parameter for the evaluation of molecular targeted agents.
Indeed, tumor xenografts of the same histological subtype often demonstrate highly variable responses, as seen in cancer patients.

This variability creates an opportunity to identify biomarkers associated with resistance or response to therapy by cross-matching PDX drug response profiles and molecular data (mutations, gene copy number, gene or protein expression data, miRNA data).



These cancer biomarkers can be used :


  • to select the right patient population for clinical trials (patients’ stratification).
  • to predict the clinical outcome for a patient (good or poor prognosis).
  • to help doctors to determine the most efficient treatment to be given to a specific patient: personalized medicine (theranostics).