Executive Management



Jean-Gabriel JUDDE – PhD, President & Chief Scientific Officer
Dr. Judde has more than 20 years of research and management experience in the field of cancer research.

He has extensive professional experience in the preclinical development of anticancer agents, including animal models, experimental pharmacology, contract research, toxicology, and molecular biology. Dr. Judde’s personal research interests have focused on the development of improved experimental models to facilitate the translation from preclinical to clinical studies and on the study of tumor chemoresistance mechanisms.

Dr. Judde received his Ph.D. in 1984 at the University of Paris VII. Prior to creating XenTech, Dr. Judde spent over 15 years as a researcher at the MD Anderson Cancer Center and the NCI (USA) and at the Institut Curie (France). He is the author of 26 peer-reviewed publications in cancer research.


Pascal LEURAUD – PhD, Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Leuraud has over 8 years of research experience in the field of oncology, a field in which he has more than ten peer-reviewed publications. He received his Ph.D. in Brain Cognition and Behaviour at the Pitié-Salpétrière hospital, INSERM U718, University Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris VI, France. Before creating XenTech, Dr. Leuraud completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Institut Curie on Retinoblastoma. Preclinical in vivo models and experimental pharmacology remain the current focus of his personal research interests and expertise. Dr. Leuraud is Chief Operating Officer, as well as responsible of the in vivo platform.



Philippe MICHON – MBA, Head of Business Development

20 years in Sales & Marketing international positions, Philippe served all sectors of Pharmaceutical R&D, from Preclinical up to Regulatory Submission. Philippe heads Xentech BD group, manage sales and growth strategy while maximizing customer’s satisfaction. He graduated with honors from H.E.C. Montreal.






Marie CAUSSOU – Chief Financial Officer & HR Manager

Experimented CFO, with wide experience in several SME companies, both in B2C and B2B activities. Marie is in charge of financial well-being of the organization, financial projections, accounting services as well as Human Resources management. She masters financial strategies by forecasting capital, facilities, and staff requirements; identifies monetary resources and develops action plans.






Stefano CAIRO – Ph.D. Head of Molecular Biology, R&D Dept
Stefano received its Ph.D. in human genetics in 2004 at the Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine (TIGEM) in Naples, Italy. Then he started a project in molecular oncology at Institut Pasteur (Paris, France) and he acquired expertise in microarray data analysis. Stefano joined Xentech in December 2009. He is in charge of large scale studies on our tumor models to identify genetic markers, pathways and signatures that could predict tumor response to conventional and/or innovative anti-cancer treatments.



Scientific Advisory Board



Marie-France POUPON – MD-PhD (Head of Scientific Advisory Board)

Dr. Poupon has more than 30 years of research experience in the field of cancer research. Dr. Poupon is an internationally recognized expert in the preclinical evaluation of anticancer drugs and in the biology of metastasis. She has developed an extensive network with oncologists in both academic institutions and the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Poupon is director of research at INSERM and currently chief of the Laboratory of Preclinical Investigations at the Institut Curie (Transfert Dept), France, and Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of XenTech. Dr. Poupon has authored more than 200 publications.