In Vitro

XenTech provides with a time and cost-effective in-vitro pre-screening platform using its panel of PDX-derived low-passage 2D cell lines as well as commercially available cell lines.

03PDX Derived Cell Lines

  • Organ/Tissue
    Tumor Code
  • Brain
    GBM14-CHA, ODA14-RAV
  • Breast
    HBCx-1, HBCx-13B, HBCx-17, HBCx-19, HBCx-2, HBCx-3, HBCx-31, HBCx-39, HBCx-5, HBCx-6, HBCx-8, HBCx-9, T174, T226
  • Colon
    TC122A, TC71
  • Endometrium
  • Kidney
    RCC-17, RCC-47, RCC-49
  • Liver
    HB-214-FOI, HB-229W-CHA, HB-233-LAC1, HB-243-BUI-RED-225, HB-279-BER, HB-282-MEU, HB-284-M-BER-D, HB-293-FOU, HB-295-HOR, HB-303-LEF, HB-305-M-CRE, HB-310-SET
  • Lung
    IC20-DAN, IC8LC10, SC131, SC6, SC74, LC-F-12, LC-F-26, LCX-001-BAH, LCx-MR007PD-AR
  • Ovary
  • Prostate
    HID28, PAC120
  • Testis
  • Ueteral
    UREx-MR015SD, URE-MR-015PD-AR
  • Skin
  • Soft tissue


XenTech offers PDX-derived primary cell cultures for cost-effective ex-vivo drug candidates screening prior to performing in vivo efficacy studies.

Primary cell culture assay gives a rapid and lower cost evaluation of drug activity in a range of tumors, as well as minimizing the risk of failure of in vivo assays.

  • 2D primary cultures obtained from freshly explanted tumor PDX
  • No selective pressure (cells cultured for less than 5 passages).
  • 40+ cellular models derived from our PDX panels are available in several indications like Breast, Brain, Colon, Lung, Ovary, Melanoma, and more in development… 

Contact us for a detailed list.

We perform cell viability : 96-well plate format, 1 PDX model, up to 6 compounds, 10 concentrations/compound or colony assays.

01Flow Cytometry

XenTech offers in depth immunophenotyping for comprehensive cell characterization.
Analyses are performed on blood and tumours.


For syngeneic models.

Our FACS analysis allow phenotyping of circulating as well as infiltrating cells through 2 different panels

T/T reg

  • CD8+ T cells (CD45+, CD3+, CD4-, CD8+)
  • CD4+ T cells (CD45+, CD3+, CD4+, CD8-)
  • Treg (CD4+, CD127low, CD25+)



  • Mo-MDSC (CD45+, CD11b+, Ly6C+, Ly6G-)
  • G-MDSC (CD45+, CD11b+, Ly6C-, Ly6G+)
  • Macrophage (CD45+, CD11b+)
  • LB (CD19+)
  • NK cells (CD45+, CD56+, CD16+)


For PBMC Humanized models.

Our FACS analysis allow phenotyping of circulating and infiltrating h-T/T/ reg cells through our standard panel

  • CD8+ T cells (CD45+, CD3+, CD4-, CD8+)
  • CD4+ T cells (CD45+, CD3+, CD4+, CD8-)
  • Treg (CD4+, CD127low, CD25+)

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