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PDX models are now the gold standard for preclinical evaluation of innovative drugs and biomarker discovery.
Selecting the right PDX models for the right project is key for a successful drug development program. XenTech provides highly mastered and characterized models. Thanks to our online database and the on-demand help of our researchers, XenTech offers data that allows an accurate selection of models to speed up your programs.

XenTech’s flagship panel consist of the world’s premiere breast cancer PDX panel. Including princeps models from Institut Curie. This panel has been developed along years.

XenTech provides access to its molecular database and can provide with fixed material (FFPE or snap frozen) for the identification of the best suitable models for your project and optimize efficacy studies performed on our PDX platform.

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  • Gene sequences (NGS Illumina HiSeq technology)
  • Manually currated gene mutation data
  • Gene expression profiles (U133plus Affy)
  • Copy number variarion data (SNP6.0 Affy)
  • MiRNA expression data (miRNA array)
  • Protein expression (markers)
  • PDX responses to conventional treatment
  • Histology
  • Treatment before surgery
  • Disease stage

Our PDX models are obtained from surgical samples grafted subcutaneously into immunodeficient mice and maintained by serial transplantations. Each new PDX model is considered as immortalized and stable after 3 passages.

A frozen master stock is made at low passages.

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