PDX Derived
in vitro cell cultures

XenTech has developed methods allowing the establishment of in vitro 2D cell lines from PDX models with 83% success rate.

These PDX-derived low passage 2D cell lines show good similarities in drug response in vitro with that of their parental PDX models in vivo.

This in vitro platform should be useful to guide subsequent in vivo preclinical drug testing in the parental PDX models.
XenTech keep on expanding its current panel of 50 PDX-derived cell models to cover a growing variety of tumor types and genotypes.

01PDX derived cell lines



XenTech provides clients with reproducible and consistent in vitro assay platforms, expertise in standard or custom assay design and implementation, approximately 30 cell lines available in-house (custom cell lines may be provided by the client).

The most requested assay platforms include Cell proliferation and cytotoxicity (IC50/IC90 determination) or MMT (cell metabolic assay).

Cell culture assay gives a rapid and lower cost evaluation of drug activity in a range of tumors, as well as minimizing the risk of failure of in vivo assays.

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