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As a CRO in preclinical oncology, XenTech believes in expertise, innovative values and creative solutions to facilitate and bring forth new and effective tools to fight cancer globally. We’re not in the size or numbers’ race but rather favor precisely targeted tools and services that will provide easier and faster solutions to the oncology research community and ultimately improve patients’ health.

In this spirit, we are constantly evolving and prefer to focus on underserved niches (pediatric oncology), accurate models addressing nowadays needs in oncology research (Match-R line of PDX reflecting acquired resistance to newly approved or still under clinical evaluation drugs) and capitalize on our historic expertise in Breast cancer for which we aim to be THE #1 Reference.

If you share our vision and values, you’ll enjoy working with our passionate team and can send your Resume and Cover Letter at recrutement@xentech.eu

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XenTech is committed to promoting equality in all aspects of its business.
As an employer XenTech aspires to promote a working environment in which everyone is treated with dignity and respect :

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Building autonomous and efficient teams

Scientific Excellence

Always providing with the best-in-class services


Honesty, Trust and Strong Ethical Principles.


To keep on developing innovative services


XenTech pays attention to employees’ growth and development.


01Our job offers

XENTECH est une entreprise de biotechnologie spécialisée dans l’évaluation préclinique des médicaments en oncologie. La société exploite une plateforme expérimentale innovante dans le cadre de prestations de services auprès de l’industrie pharmaceutique.

Dans le cadre de son développement la société recrute pour son site d’Evry



Working at XenTech is contributing to the future of oncology. Our essential mission: helping our clients and partners in the development of their innovative treatments in oncology.

Our scientific expertise, passionated and excellence driven collaborators/managers make XenTech a pleasant and rewarding place to work at. Our commitment and stringent positive attitude to deliver top quality results is recognized by our customers and is our daily pride.


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