Our Team



XenTech’s staff is composed of highly trained and dynamic engineers and technicians with a solid experience in in vivo pharmacology, tumor xenograft models, as well as molecular and cell biology. The whole team works together to keep up with scientific and technical excellence and new technologies.


We aim to comply with the highest quality standards. Our efforts translate into trust relationship and delivery of reliable data that meet the highest industrial standards.


Josiane INGLIS – (Sales Assistant)
Her professional career is built on a strong customer relationship ability developed for more than 10  years throughout an international context. Before joining XenTech Business Development Team, Josiane worked as customer service representative and sales assistant for European and American companies in different field such as Import-Export, pharmaceutical industry and service providers. As an interface between the Sponsors and our scientists, (she will be pleased to give you information about our services and PDX models.) She is in charge to issue the requested quotes that will accompany your preclinical projects.



Delphine NICOLLE – Ph.D. (Study Director, Contract Research Dept)
Delphine received her Ph.D. degree in Biological Sciences from Orléans University (France) in 2004. She has an academic experience in molecular immunology and embryology, and she worked as study manager at the CNRS UMR6218 lab in Orléans. Delphine joined XenTech in 2008. She is in charge of the experimental pharmacology department and coordinates the in vivo team of XenTech in collaboration with Myriam. Delphine is responsible for managing in vivo efficacy studies in our preclinical research services department.




Truong-An TRAN – Ph.D. (Study Director, Contract Research Dept)
After an experience of over 5 years in academic laboratories (INSERM U918, UMR U930) in the field of cancer and ultrasound imaging, Truong-An received his Ph.D. degree in Biological Sciences in 2008 from University of Tours (France). His researches have been rewarded by FRM (Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale) as “2008 Tours Area Best Young Researcher”. Before joining Xentech in 2010, Truong-An acquired a strong experience in GLP and GCP environment as data manager (clinical Phase II/III, Quintiles, Illkirch) and study director (preclinical/early safety pharmacology, CERB, Baugy). At XenTech, he is responsible for managing in vivo studies in the preclinical contract research department.


Marie TAVERNIER – M.Sc. (Study Director, Contract Research Dept)

Marie was promoted to Study Director in April 2012. Prior to that she worked for 4 years in in the field of preclnical oncology including 3 years at XenTech where she acquired an extensive knowledge of in vivo PDX studies and project management. Marie received a Master degree in bio-industrial technologies from Orléans University (France) in 2007.





Laura BRULLÉ-SOUMARÉ, PhD. (Study Director, Contract Research Dept)

Laura received her Ph.D. degree in Biological Sciences in 2012 from Orléans University (France). She then acquired an over 3 years’ experience in oncology research and preclinical imaging in Academia (CNRS UPS44, Orléans), and also in CRO, as study director (preclinical imaging and cancer models, CERB, Baugy). Before joining Xentech in 2015, Laura gained a strong experience in project management and in conducting elegant in vivo PDX studies at the Curie Institute (UMR144, Curie Institute, Paris). At XenTech, she is in charge of in vivo efficacy studies.




Olivier DEAS – Ph.D. (Head of Cell Biology, R&D Dept)
Olivier has over 10 years of research experience in the field of immunology and oncology. He received his Ph.D in 1999 from University Paris Sud XI. Before he joined XenTech, he developed an original system of gene therapy targeted by antibody at Bioprotein Technologies and at Targatherapies, where he was in charge of the R&D. Then, Olivier was Head of the Oncology department (vitro and vivo) at Theraptosis (Pasteur Institute, Paris). Olivier is currently manager of XenTech’s cell biology department.




Laurent de SAINT RAPT – (Quality Manager)
Laurent is an experienced Laboratory Animal Technician. Before working at XenTech, he worked at the CERB and Pierre Fabre Laboratories. He has over 20 years of experience in the field of toxicology and pharmacology studies in a GLP environment. At XenTech, Laurent is in charge of the implementation of the quality management system. He coordinates the improvement actions and manages the documentary system.