Mouse Trials


XenTech’s Mouse Trials allow you to perform cost effective preclinical phase II studies to test your investigational compounds on a large and diverse tumor populations with a small number of mouse per treatment.


You can use XenTech’s Mouse Trials as a predictive approach for future clinical positioning of your candidate drugs.
XenTech’s Mouse Trials are also a powerful tool to identify new clinical indications for your compounds.


Mouse trials bring you


  • Phase II-like trial for inclusive efficacy assessment
  • Validation of target relevance
  • Tumor indication positioning
  • Candidate biomarkers for CDx development


XenTech offers you two types of services for your mouse trial:


Standard Mouse trial


Choose at least 1 panel between:

  • Colon (15 models),
  • Breast (80% TNBC, 21 models)
  • Lung (NSCLC & SCLC, 16 models)


3 mice per group
28 days of treatment period
15 days of follow up period


Personalized Mouse trial


Compose your panel at your convenience in our PDX models list
3 mice per group
Treatment and follow up period adjustable on demand


Our objective is to provide you the most conclusive and reliable results for your trial. That is why Xentech’s scientists have decided to pre select the most homogeneous and reliable tumor models for your mouse trial panel.


The best selection for better conclusions!