Project Design Optimization



XenTech offers services and provides access to its database as well as material to search for specific target expression,
select the suitable models and optimize efficacy studies performed on PDX.



Target expression screening


  • Molecular database (mutations, gene copy number, gene expression)
  • Quantitative real time RT-PCR used to confirm the level of expression of specific genes of interest in our tumors. Designing human-specific primers allows for excellent specificity of human tumor transcript detection against a murine background
  • Protein expression analysis (western blotting)
  • Flow cytometry immunophenotyping
  • Material transfer : FFPE (tissue microarray (TMA), slides) and snap frozen PDX tissues, DNA/RNA extracts



       Determination of Maximum Tolerated Dose


    • Body Weight
    • Autopsy examination
    • Histology analysis










        Pharmacokinetics / Pharmacodynamics


                              •  Sampling of biological material over time (tumor, blood, tissue)