XenTech exhibits at AACR digital-Annual Meeting 2021

Please get in touch with our team, we’ll be delighted to present you many new products and services we worked-out to extend our service offering :
  • 10+ New cellular models derived from our low-passage PDX panel (for a total of 40+ models available by now)
  • Several newly added Breast cancer PDX (for a total of 50+ models) highly characterized for DDR -related projects
  • New models in our Match-R PDX line (resistant models to latest targeted therapies)
  • New additions to our outstanding prostate PDX panel…
  • And much more !

We all are missing the face-to-face, cordial handshakes, smiles and nice chats around a coffee… but we’ll be glad to « e-host » you (remotely from our homes!), learn about your needs and let you know how we can help moving your research projects to the next level.

The Entire XenTech Team

XenTech will also present 3 posters during this event :


  • « A Non-Canonical, Cell-Autonomous STING Function Protects Breast Cancer Cells from Intrinsic and Genotoxic-Induced DNA Instability »
  • « A Preclinical Platform of PDX-Derived cell lines as a tool for Pharmacological Screening and Functional Studies »
  • « Identification of the Mechanisms of Resistance to Targeted Therapies in Advanced Solid Cancers »

XenTech remains fully operational after 7 weeks of COVID-19 pandemic : update from our COO

Dear valued customers


In this 7th week of containment and as end of confinement in France is announced for May 11th, I would first of all like to thank you on behalf of our teams for all the messages of support you have sent us since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis.


From the start of the pandemic, our top priority has been to take the necessary measures to ensure the safety of our employees.


We also have reorganized the operations of the entire company in order to continue to provide all our services with the same level of quality that you always expected from us. These measures evolve whenever necessary, according to the situation and the directives of our national authorities, but thanks to the unfailing commitment of our teams, whom I cannot thank enough, we continue to provide you with the results you need for the advancement of your projects, with quality level you legitimately expect. All the studies are proceeding as planned and we are fully maintaining our capacity to initiate new ones.


We are grateful for your continued support during this period. We hope that you and your loved ones are all safe and healthy.


We are listening to the new government guidelines but can already assure you that we have the capacity to continue to provide our services until we return to normal daily life.


Please do not hesitate to ask our scientists to evaluate how we can help you with your research projects.


Yours faithfully,


Pascal Leuraud, COO

XenTech Covid-19 management



Regarding the current circumstances, we at XenTech want you to know that we are taking the Covid-19 pandemia very seriously. We are closely monitoring the pandemic, following guidance and advice from the World Health Organization (WHO), and the French Government.


Our top priority will remain our employees’ health but we wish to reassure you that, thanks to the energy and efforts of our teams, we have the ability to remain operational and ensure the continuity of our services.



Below is an update on our plans, and how we are managing operations during this unusual time.


  • Our continuity plan has been reviewed to adapt to the current context.
  • Sick and work-from-home (whenever possible) policies are already into force.
  • Critical animal related activities, including customer studies, will be maintained even in a situation where employee absenteeism is increased temporarily.
  • Animal related operation already requires the wearing of protective equipment (Tyvek overalls, FFP2 masks, latex/nitrile gloves, headgear), protecting animals from pathogens but also preventing employees from contamination.
  • Hygiene and containment best practices (according to the WHO and the French Government) are applied and regularly repeated to employees.
  • Business travel and meetings attendance is and will remain strictly limited for all XenTech personnel until further notice.


XenTech will continue to adapt to new guidelines from the WHO and the French Government and keep you informed of additional measures.

XenTech will attend and present at « Third International Pediatric Liver Tumor Conference: Focus on High Risk Liver Cancers », Cincinnati, Feb 26-27th 2020

XenTech is proud to fight any pediatric cancers types !

In our continuous effort to fight any pediatric cancer type, Stefano Cairo, XenTech’s Head of R&D, will present, together with Dr. Charles Keller from CC-TDI, a talk about Liver Cancer Tumor Models and Drug Discovery.


Agenda of this 2-day event : HERE


Free Registration – More information about this event can be found by clicking on this LINK