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All our news News Conferences & events | 06.20.22

XenTech exhibits at EACR 2022 (Seville, Jun. 20-23 2022)

Meeting you, at last !

XenTech team is eager to speak PDX with you again !

Stop by our booth #50 and discover :

  • our PREMIUM PDX services
  • our astonishing flagship PDX panels: Breast (50) and Prostate cancer (10) models that make the difference
  • unique and unparalelled Pediatric and Targeted Therapies Resistant (Match-R) PDX lines
  • wihtout forgetting our 40+ PDX-dervied cell lines available for fast/affordable screenings !

We also will present 2 posters during the event; All that in a simple and easy way.

XenTech proudly delivers reliable and actionnable results you can build upon !

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